The tenant-landlord relationship can be technically described in legal terms best by Investopedia. “A lease establishes the relationship of landlord and tenant and is both a conveyance of a possessory estate in real property and a contract between the parties. Through the lease, the tenant receives a right to legal possession of the property in exchange for “valuable consideration” (i.e., rent) paid to . . . the landlord. Most leases specify the duration of the agreement, any terms for extending the agreement and details regarding rent payments.”  This definition specifies a contractual agreement and it should be noted that each state establishes its own unique variations of this rule. These should be verified before signing on the dotted line but there are many other aspects that are equally important and sometimes even more critical to tenant-landlord harmony.

Communication – The Tenant-landlord is a relationship and as with any other great relationship, both legal and personal. Communication is the key. Going over the contract, rules and regulations together will clarify expectations. This enables both the tenant and the landlord getting off on the right foot. Talking it through will allow both parties to discuss anything in the contract that could be misconstrued. Good communication requires open conversation and several other elements to establish and maintain it.

  • Assumptions – Don’t assume that the tenant and/or the landlord are responsible for repairs, maintenance, security, etc. Verify what services are delegated to each in the beginning. Taking assumptions out of the equation will establish a better understanding on both sides of the relationship.
  • Honesty and Trust – 5 Simple Ways Landlords Can Communicate More Effectively With Tenants states that landlords should establish a relationship with the tenant built on trust and honesty but this goes both ways. If both parties communicate truthfully and follow through with their promises, each will experience a healthy and positive experience.
  • Common Courtesy – This is a simple concept and basically conveys the Golden Rule (the principle of treating others as one’s self would wish to be treated). When implemented, both the tenant and the landlord will have a healthy and strong relationship established that will be endured.

Overall, starting a relationship of any kind requires the basic elements discussed above. Keep in mind that a tenant-landlord relationship is a very important one to ensure peace and quality of life. Nurture it and treat it accordingly.


Posted by: summitnwa on February 27, 2019
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